Life Style Holiday

Choosing a lifestyle holiday

The definition of life style relates to the way in which everyone decides to live and reflects their own particular attitudes and values. It refers to all our behaviours and habits. It applies to daily life, study and work. It is expressed in behaviour, social patterns, tastes, moral standards. Subjective and personal, it is the symbol of one’s own identity. So why not take it into consideration when choosing a holiday?

If you’e looking for a lifestyle holiday that combines relaxation and fun, luxury and minimal style, independence and social life, a residential complex of apartmentsby the sea in Tuscany, such as the Marina Salivoli, represents the perfect solution.

Tuscany is famous for its natural beauty, its history and its gastronomy. Our residential complex has numerous arrangements with traditional regional activities, allowing you to feel close to this geographical area as part of your holiday experience.

You will have the opportunity to taste Tuscan cuisine, famous all over the world for its authentic flavours and traditional dishes.

You will also be able to buy local products from the markets in surrounding villages or participate in gastronomic tours to discover regional specialties.

The passion for nature and the sea

The residential complex is located in a spectacular geographical area in terms of landscape. The nearby beaches meet every need: sandy, for children’s games, rocky, for those who love snorkelling, comfortable and well equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas or with wild and solitary coves hidden from view by the fragrant Mediterranean scrub.

Viewing the coast from the sea, on a long boat trip, can be one of the many ways to enjoy the summer, or you can learn to sail or rent a dinghy to discover hidden beaches.

Nature, here in Salivoli, however, is not only synonymous with the sea. Trails in natural parks offer moments of authentic contact with a still unspoiled natural environment. Those who love cycling or mountain biking will find roads and paths suitable for everyone, perfect for all types of preparation and ability.

You will be able to discover lesser-known corners on challenging and fun routes or pedal lazily towards the marina or shopping centre.
An authentic, independent, relaxing holiday to suit your choice of lifestyle.