Sports Holidays Tuscany

Sports Holidays

If you want to forget hectic everyday activities and the chaos of the city for a while, why not choose a sporting holiday? Being in the open air, in contact with nature, is perfect for those seeking a regenerating break from daily stress and wanting to relax in a peaceful and healthy environment.
In the Marina Salivoli resort you will have a wide range of outdoor activities at your disposal to get away from your mundane routine and enjoy the extraordinary natural beauty of the area. Long walks on the beach, hiking or biking along scenic hillside trails, snorkelling and scuba diving to discover the amazing underwater world are all accessible and rejuvenating activities. Trekking on trail 302: from Calamoresca in Baratti

The stage is the promontory of Piombino, the set design has the island of Elba in the background, with the spectacular landscape of the Tuscan hills, with its pine forests and Mediterranean scrub, all around.
Calamoresca is a few minutes away from the Marina Salivoli resort , and is a famous cove with stones, rocks and clear waters made transparent by the combined play of currents and rocks. The path, well signposted, is the 302, flat at the beginning, then narrowing, but always effortless and shaded. After passing Fosso alle Canne and the unforgettable transparency of the water on top of the stones in the cove, you will reach the Buca delle Fate cliff and finally Baratti, with its lively little port. Wheels can be smooth or carved, but you will always be in contact with nature.

Whether you are a road bike or MTB enthusiast, being based at the Marina Salivoli resort will give you the opportunity to spend a holiday dedicated to 2 wheels. There are dirt roads and hilly paths of varying difficult all around, immersed in the typical Mediterranean landscape and ,suitable for challenges and adventures on carved wheels. Or, if you like discovering the area while cycling , you can tackle some easy cycle paths and make your way to the coast or the surrounding medieval villages.

Sports for a marine experience: from diving to sailing
The Piombino promontory is an ideal destination for those who love the sea and water sports. As a guest at the Marina Salivoli resort you can choose to have a really active, sporting holiday, practising the activities that attract you the most. The coast offers you many opportunities for diving, thanks to the presence of numerous caves and reefs, the natural habitat of many species of fish and other marine organisms.
Sailing requires more skill and ability, but allows you to enjoy a breathtaking view of the coast and experience the feeling of freedom that only the sea can offer. The promontory of Piombino offers ideal conditions for sailing due to the constant winds that blow along the coast.