Boat and dinghy rental – Marina Salivoli

Boat and dinghy rental - Marina Salivoli

At the characteristic small port of the Gulf of Baratti it is possible to rent boats and dinghies with which you can reach the splendid coves that distinguish the coast between Piombino and San Vincenzo, such as Cala Buia, Buca delle Fate, Cala San Quirico, Cala Galera, Fosso alle Canne and Cala Moresca.

The experience is unique and allows you to enjoy the crystal clear sea and the splendid small bays away from the crowds, immersing yourself in a nature that is still strong and wild here.

Boat and dinghy rental is also possible from the tourist port of San Vincenzo and at the Cala dei Medici tourist port in Rosignano

The price varies depending on the type of dinghy or boat and ranges from 150 euros per day The price does not include the deposit required to collect the dinghy.

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