Medieval Villages


Medieval Suvereto

A beautiful medieval village in the Cornia valley. The origins go back to the year 1000. It is placed on a gentle slope from where you have a gorgeous view over the valley to the sea and the Etruscan Coast. The village is rich of history and art, a real jewel and it is considered one of the most beautiful medieval villages of Italy, an absolute must in your holiday program.

Ancient Campiglia Marittima

One of the most beautiful ancient villages at the Etruscan Coast, situated on a hill, overlooking the sea. Campiglia Marittima is a place full of very old traditions in the heart of the Cornia Valley with a lot of evidence of the Etruscan period, the Roman one and the Middle Ages.

Medieval Bolgheri

The ancient village in the heart of the Livornese Maremma on a small hill has grown around a Medieval castle (often reshiped in different centuries). You drive to Bolgheri from the Via Aurelia passing by the oratory of San Guido ( 7 Th. century) and then you follow the 5 km long cypress alley. The place has become famous by Giosuè Carducci’s poem: Davanti a San Guido (1874). There is a monumental cemetery in the village where the grandmother of the poet is buried: Lucia. Not far away, at altitude 400 above sea level you can see the ancient nucleus of Castiglioncello di Bolgheri and the church of San Bernardo.