Nature Reserves


They are a gift of nature from the hills to the sea. The Mediterranean scrub is constant in this area. It is the frame for the Etruscan civilization, for the Medieval period and for modern times. In the nature reserves at the beaches this insistent vegetation grows on the dunes permanently and stable behind long, wide sandy beaches. It is also present everywhere the nature reserves in the hinterland.
In all these reserves, away from motor noise and other trouble, there are a lot of paths to explore, short ones or long important ones. The nature reserves are ideal for walks, hiking, bicycle tours or excursions on horse back. You are surrounded by unadulterated nature.

Nature Reserve Rimigliano

A green stripe right behind the beach where Mediterranean vegetation shows its wonderful variety of species, forms and colors. The Nature reserve Rimigliano is part of the Cornia valley reserves. Its extension along the Toscan coast is about 6 km. It is well protected from marine winds by numerous and continuous dunes that form a natural shield and made it possible to develop over time. Now it is a fit and strong forest right behind the dunes.
It is limited in the Nord by the town of San Vincenzo and in the South by Piombino territory, exactly at the so called Torracca, a watch tower. Eastwards Rimigliano extends up to the Province street called Principessa, the street that links San Vincenzo with Piombino.