Bike and Tasting: Monte Solaio and Castello Bonaria

Bike and Tasting: Monte Solaio and Castello Bonaria

We chose Castello Bonaria for this tour for its magic, historicity and very particular and evocative location. Castello Bonaria from the top of the hill, called “Poggio Solaio”, dominates the countryside below with its gentle hills that descend from Campiglia Marittima towards the sea Poggio Solaio has been a place of vine cultivation since the 16th century.

At the beginning of the 19th century, Castello Bonaria was a “Hunting House” of the rich landowner Carlo Boldrini. The Villa was expanded several years later with the addition of the four large crenellated towers at the corners, thus characterizing the structure as a true and majestic Castle.

The route starts from San Vincenzo, continues on a secondary road, through the hamlet of Campalto and, going up the ancient via di Pozzatello, reaches the village of Campiglia Marittima Small streets, alleys, stairways and stone arches From the historic center of the town, through a single track in the woods, we approach the Castello Bonaria estate Beyond the main gate you pass between the lush rows until you reach the wonderful terrace of the Montesolaio winery, from where it is possible to see the entire countryside of this still wild and fascinating stretch of the upper Maremma

The price includes bicycle rental, guide and tasting and varies depending on the number of participants (from 170 to 120 euros)

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