Bike Tour Baratti Populonia

Bike Tour Baratti Populonia

The tour starts from San Vincenzo where your e-bike and your guide await you. You pass through a couple of agritourisms with farms where you can meet the owners and their animals. We continue in the pine forest of the Rimigliano park along a splendid path immersed in the pine forest and a stretch of cliff overlooking the sea. This leads to the large meadow between the sea and the Etruscan necropolis in the splendid Gulf of Baratti.

Baratti is an enchanted place and being able to cycle through it, passing through the archaeological remains, the pine forest and the beach means savoring all its mysterious alchemy.

To reach Populonia you travel along a slightly steep but very fascinating road, immersed in the fragrant forest and Mediterranean scrub immediately close to the sea.

As soon as you reach the small village of Populonia with its fortress you dominate the entire gulf from above and the view of the entire Tuscan archipelago is truly spectacular.

The price includes bike rental and guide and varies depending on the number of participants (from €120 to €75)

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