Bolgheri Bike Tour

Bolgheri Bike Tour

Bolgheri is now known throughout the world for its wines and entering this area passing through the famous Viale dei Cipressi also means taking a leap into history. The straight avenue lined with tall centuries-old cypresses, almost 5 km long, is a truly very suggestive road, celebrated by one of the main Italian poets of the nineteenth century, Giosuè Carducci. In “Davanti a San Guido” Carducci in fact remembers places from his childhood and in particular the large trees: “The cypresses that in Bolgheri, tall and frank, come from San Guido in double rows, giants, young men, almost running, leapt towards me and look.”


From Viale dei Cipressi you arrive at Bolgheri with its fascinating red brick castle. Lingering in the village is now a ritual for the many tourists who almost seem to want to pay homage to an area that has become an icon of Tuscany and Italy. We continue along the Via Bolgherese where we come across the most famous Super Tuscan wineries immersed in their beautiful and precious vineyards The road is truly very suggestive among woods, vineyards and olive groves.

Price 55 euros including bike and guide. It is possible to book some tastings.

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