Sterpaia Natural Park Tour Piombino East Coast

Sterpaia Natural Park Tour Piombino East Coast

A Blue Flag sea, 8 km of beach, 124 hectares of dune and back-dune areas and 155 hectares of woods and agricultural clearings.
This is the treasure that characterizes the Sterpaia Park.

The Sterpaia Coastal Park is a true earthly paradise still uncontaminated where it is possible to enter the forest of centenary oaks, savor the scents of the dunes and the Mediterranean scrub until arriving at the beauty of this crystalline sea.

The entire stretch of coast affected by the Steraia Natural Park is characterized not only by its natural beauty, but also by various towers all overlooking the beach: Torre Mozza, Torre del Sale, Carbonifera; they are buildings in different historical eras with functions of sighting, customs, and commercial port.

Quagliodromo, Torre del Sale, Perelli, Carlappiano, Sterpaia, Mortelliccio, Carbonifera, Torre Mozza are the beaches where the wild and fascinating Sterpaia Natural Park exists.

The tour starts from the Perelli 1 car park and winds through the pine forests that flank the aforementioned beaches where the sea takes on incredible shades of blue and green.

The arrival is expected in Follonica and is preceded by a stop at a bar/restaurant with an exceptional view of the entire gulf.

The price includes E-Bike rental, guide and depends on the number of participants (from 140 to 100 euros)

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